WEEKEND SPORT:  Good morning, everyone.  Dash here, and I hope you had a great week. 

This weekend, you can check out some softball, cycling, and cricket action on the Fraser Coast.

SOFTBALL:  In Maryborough, games begin from 8 am tomorrow, with D Ball starting the day.

8.00 am

1 D Ball Aztecs Sapphires v Incas Diamonds – Coaches

8.45 am

1 T Ball Incas Imps v Aztecs Angels – Incas (Mark Jeppesen)

2 U14 Aztecs Avengers v Sparx Scorpions – Aztecs/Incas

10.15 am

1 U12 Incas All Stars v Aztecs Atoms – Aztecs/Sparx

11.45 am

1 U17 Aztecs Arrows v Strikers/Wildcats – Sparx (Brooke White)/Incas (Mark Jeppesen)

1.45 pm

1 Women Aztecs Cherokees V Sparx Hyne – Incas/Aztecs

3.30 pm

1 Women Aztecs Apaches v Incas Mercury – Sparx/Sparx

Canteen – Aztecs

Note – 5 runs across the plate rule applies in senior women

Tomorrow is a trip up the highway for the Hervey Bay Softball Association with all fixtures in Bundaberg.

CRICKET:  The Fraser Coast Cricket Senior competition continues tomorrow with a doubleheader of T20’s with all fixtures in Hervey Bay.  In the first round of games Past Grammars play Bushrangers Gold, Cavnish play Bushrangers Blue and Ausrocks play Cavaliers. In the second round of games Cavnish plays Ausrocks; Bushrangers Gold is up against Cavaliers, and Bushrangers Blue play Past Grammars.

In junior cricket, Brumbies take on Crusaders in Maryborough tonight with Colts up against Vikings tomorrow in Hervey Bay.  Good luck to the Fraser Coast junior teams playing in the Burnett this weekend.

CYCLING: The Fraser Coast Cycling Club being the Trade Tools Super Crit Series this Sunday with racing at the Hervey Bay Industrial Estate.  C, D and Juniors begin at 7 am, with A and B rolling from 7.45 am.

I want to shout out to my new friends I made at Hervey Bay Softball last Saturday.   

I am looking forward to making some more at different events over the weekend.

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