Article provided by the Fraser Coast Runners and Walkers Club.

RUNNING AND WALKING: The Fraser Coast Runners and Walkers Club held their 15klm distance event at Ululah, Maryborough, on 29 May 2022, with competitors taking part in a 15klm, 10klm and 5klm run or walk and the Little Dingoes 2klm. It was their first attempt at a longer distance for some, and all did well.

Results and times were:

15klm Run Male:

Brian Walker 1:15:06, Brett James 1:20:38, Dimas Renaldi 1:21:27, Bruce Holla 1:22:51, Russell Stitt 1:26:04, Russell Phillips 1:30:47, Rod Stutz 1:32:11, Ian Sanderson 1:45:34

15klm Run Female:

Georgie Dunn 1:22:50, Kristine Byrne 1:26:04, Tracey Sinclair 1:26:50, Cathy Wood 1:25:49, Aimee Smith 1:37:10, Caroline Kuskie 1:43:23, Jennifer Sanderson 1:52:28, Claire Kelly 2:01:22, Kaila Burch 2:05:51, Carmela Dal Pozzo 2:05:51, Katherine Ebenezer 2:14:45

15klm Walk Female:

Paula Burton 2:13:36

10klm Run Male:

David Knight 47:06

10klm Run Female:

Imelda Hoodcamp 59:08, Sue Clarke 1:03:52, Julie Turner 1:04:07, Angela Novak 1:05:43, Nicky Elliott 1:08:42, Jo Collins 1:09:58, Alison Coleman 1:36:48

10klm Walk Female:

Belinda Walker 1:40:02

5klm Run Male:

Matthew Walker 27:22, Mitchell Walker 28:06

5klm Run Female:

Cecilia Somerville 28:51, Michelle Stutz 29:41, Brandy-Lee Stutz 31:54, Isabella Walker 33:10

5klm Walk Male:

Robert Clark 52:43, Greg Stewart 1:09:46

5klm Walk Female:

Natalie Massicks 52:42, Margaret Aitken 1:09:46

2klm Run Little Dingoes:

Under 8 Boys – Tyler Gumburd 10:25; Under 12 Girls – Hannah Hoodcamp 10:26

Visitors’ are welcome, and further information for Club events is available on Facebook. The next FCRW event will be a points event held on 12 June 2022 at Ululah Park, Maryborough, with events in 10klm and 5klm run or walk and Little Dingoes 2km event. We start our Winter times this event with Walkers starting at 6:15 am, Runners at 7:00 am and Little Dingoes at 7:30 am.

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