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RUNNERS AND WALKING: The Fraser Coast Runners and Walkers Club held a points event at Ululah, Maryborough, on 20 March 2022, with competitors taking part in a 10klm or 5klm run or walk and 2klm for the Little Dingoes. There was a great turn-out, considering the drizzly weather.

Results and times were:

10klm Run Male:

Nathan Brock 43:28, Billy Gumburd 43:38, David Knight 47:24, Brian Walker 48:50, Brett James 51:38, Russell Stitt 52:08, Russell Phillips 58:28, Bruce Holla 1:00:21, Ian Sanderson 1:05:23

10klm Run Female:

Tracey Sinclair 56:48, Kristine Byrne 56:50, Cathy Wood 58:53, Angela Novak 1:02:12, Caroline Kuskie 1:03:31, Michelle Stutz 1:04:28, Tracey Christoffel 1:05:05, Nicky Elliott 1:08:37, Jennifer Sanderson 1:09:58, Cobie Van Wageningen 1:13:52 Carmela Dal Pozzo 1:16:25, Claire Kelly 1:23:31, Katherine Ebenezer 1:27:06, Alison Coleman 1:39:36

10klm Walk Female:

Paula Burton 1:17:36, Belinda Walker 1:38:08

5klm Run Male:

Mitchell Walker 27:27, Matthew Walker 27:50, Paul Jansen 34:32

5klm Run Female:

Imelda Hoodcamp 29:40, Lisa Waterson 29:46, Brandy-Lee Stutz 30:40, Cecilia Somerville 31:57, Isabella Walker 33:21, Perri-Le Furber 34:04, Raylene Smith 37:17, Toni Wilson 39:27, Debbie Phillips 40:16

5klm Walk Male:

Jeremy Price 47:23, Greg Stewart 1:10:59

5klm Walk Female:

Dee Manski 42:40, Natalie Massicks 49:17, Julie Streeter 1:07:23, Margaret Aitken 1:10:59

2klm Little Dingoes:

U8 Boys – Tyler Gumburd 15:28, U8 Girls – Alyssa Gumburd 15:40

New members are welcome, and further information for Club events is available on Facebook. The next FCRW event for competition points will be held on 3 April 2022 at Ululah Park, Maryborough, with events in 10klm and 5klm run or walk and Little Dingoes 2km event. Walkers start at 6:00 am, Runners at 6:30 am, and Little Dingoes at 7:00 am.

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