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HOCKEY: TigerSharks, like their namesake, in their element in the wet.

The under 15 TigerSharks and the Colts faced off in a gruelling match, against not only each other but the harsh elements.

In the early part of the game ladder leaders, the TigerSharks maintained consistent pressure against the Colts valiant defence, scoring late as the first quarter closed.

In the second quarter, the Colts returned, seeking to match the pressure presented by the TigerSharks, with control switching between the two teams as the quarter, and the rain continued to grow heavier. Both sides closed in on each other’s goals, with TigerSharks capitalising greater on the advantage, thanks to their efficient passes and pinpoint accuracy, leading 3-0 at half time.

As the third quarter opened, the drizzle turned into a downpour, and yet both teams showed no signs of slowing down, the Colts maintaining their impressive play, despite the clinical offensive of the TigerSharks. The TigerShark’s scored a final goal before the third quarter ended.

The last quarter showcased both teams’ conviction, battling on, despite the now torrential rain. TigerSharks closed the game, scoring a further two points.

TigerSharks on the attack

Coach Danny Wilson of the TigerSharks was impressed with both team’s performance on the weekend.

“A really competitive match, though the scoreline may have favoured us,” Wilson said.

Colt’s player Dylan Nugent remarked that the wild weather had certainly made things more complicated, restricting the power players could put behind their shots.

Even with the restrictive conditions, Nugent was proud of the commitment that the other players had put into their training.

TigerSharks secured an unquestionable victory leading 6-0, though the Colts remain positive about their chances in next week’s match against the Roos.

Maryborough State High School

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