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FISHING: We don’t think we have to mention how frustrated everyone is getting with the weather, but the beauty of this area is you can always find somewhere to tuck away from the winds and land a quality fish. Let’s check out this fortnight’s fishing report. 

The rivers and creeks along the mainland, such as Tuan, Maaroom and Poona Creeks or the Mary, Susan and Burrum Rivers, have been the spots for local boaties. They haven’t been disappointed with a wide variety of fish being landed.

Good size Summer Whiting, Silver Bream and Flathead are being landed for those walking the sand flats at low tide, either collecting fresh bait like yabbies or flicking a soft plastic or hard-bodied lures. Anglers have been getting Mangrove Jack, Barramundi, Grunter, Black Bream and Threadfin Salmon in the deeper water, with live bait being the preferred method. 

German Creek has been one of the favoured locations. Anglers cast soft plastics or hard-bodied lures into the drains on the making tide and landing quality Threadfin Salmon and Barramundi or fishing the deeper holes catching some quality Grunter around the 50cm mark. 

Sneaking out early on a good day and heading across the straits towards the island has also been paying off with our protected reefs and ledges producing mixed bags of quality reef fish such as Parrot, Grassy Sweetlip, Mosses Perch and Cod. 

There are still many reports rolling in of quality mud crab being caught in the Mary and in the creeks in the Strait. Well worth soaking a pot. 

We have had a couple of prawn reports, and for those willing to put in the effort- Swan, Tuan and Maaroom Creeks have been producing the goods with the average size of prawn around 4 inches. 

For the freshwater fisherman, there’s been plenty of freshwater action as well Tinana, Tiaro and The Mary are all reporting Bass and Sooties. 

Let’s check out the brag board.  

Cuteness overload – Alexia-Jayne was all smiles landing her first-ever fish.  
Andrew landed this 1.6kg Flathead using a live mullet. 
First up is Brodie with a beautiful Black Spot Tusk Fish (Bluey. It weighed in at 7.6kg. 
Tyson had a great day chasing Barr. This one went 85cm.

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