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FISHING: With the amount of water that has gone into our systems, fishing the mouths is proving to be the better option.

The salt is starting to push back through, and in the next couple of weeks, we will see huge changes on the fishing front; water temperatures are beginning to drop, and a transformation in water clarity will be noticeable. Just pray to the gods for good weather, and we will have fish on. 

We already have fishos reporting in with some great catches of prawns and quality mud crabs. 

Barramundi is on the hunt in the dirty water at Lake Lenthals, floating the top with zmann goat toad and hard leg frogs into the late afternoon has been successful. 

Flatheads are hanging on the edges, chasing the bait in the warm water. They are pretty hungry and are hitting everything; soft plastics, hard bodies and yabbies or prawns are all getting results. 

Tuan, Swan and Kauri creeks have been the hot spots for Jack. These aggressive fighting fish are a challenge but very addictive to chase.  

Ledges such as Fig Tree, Mackenzie’s and Tinnanbar have produced a mixed bag of reef fish, including a few legal Scarlet’s, Blackall and Grassy Sweetlip. 

Grunter and threadfin salmon have been caught toward the mouth of the estuaries and river system. Large Barra is about in the Straits on the sand flats at high tide. 

The inshore reefs such as Sammy’s, Moon Ledge, and Mickey’s has been producing a mixed bag of reefies, including Blackall, grassy Sweetlip, Purple tusk fish and Estuary Cod. 

Let’s have a look at the brag board. 

Charlie has been having a ball chasing the freshwater Barra at Lenthals; well done, mate. 
Eden with a quality Mangrove Jack
Gordan with a Blackall weighed in at 2.77kg.
Next is Tyson, who catches everything and out fishes his dad. This Grunter gave him some fun and was released safely. 

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