Report by Michelle Devnish

FISHING: “The rains are here”. Just what we needed, as they say – a drought on the land is a drought on the sea. The fish, crabs and prawns would love this as much as we are. Let’s check out what’s been happening in our local waters. 

Both the southern and northern gutters have been fishing well when the weather conditions have been suitable, with good catches of Nannygai, grassy sweet lip and coral trout. 

There has been plenty of pelagic action between the arch cliffs all the way up to Rooney’s point with reports of long-tail and Mack Tuna and spotted mackerel taking small metal slugs or blades. There is plenty of baitfish schooling in the shallows as well, attracting large golden trevally, making for some fantastic sight fishing conditions using soft plastics. 

Still up the Island where Wathumba creek continues to fish well with monster summer whiting up to 40 cm and flathead.   And Coongul creek is also fishing very well for mangrove jack and summer whiting. 

The inshore reefs such as Sammie’s and Moon ledge have been reporting grassy sweet lip, Blackall and estuary cod, while Gatakers bay has been extremely popular with good quality black spot tusk fish off the bommies.  Using fresh crabs has been the preferred bait for the Tuskies. However, large banana prawns also have results. 

The Mary River has again produced the goods with Grunter up to 60cm, Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon and Mangrove Jack reported throughout the entire River System. 

Promising signs from Maaroom and Tuan Creek with numerous reports of prawns throughout the creeks.  If you’re willing to work at it, you will pick yourself up a couple of kilos. Hopefully, this rain will make a difference, and we will get a decent run of prawns. 

It’s worth chucking the pots in as there are some quality mud crabs are about.  

And the mangrove jack is just as aggressive as ever with good fish been caught at Maaroom, Boonoroo, Butha and Kauri creeks.


First up is Drew with his awesome Cod. It weighed in at 13.44kg.

Next is Michael who had a great day out, this Flathead went 2.47kg.

James was also into the Flathead, his weighed in at 1.8kg.

Tony was rapped with his Spottie Mackerel. Great work mate.

Last up is Tony with a beautiful Black Spot Tusk Fish (Bluey), it weighed in at 11.15kg . Top effort. 

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