Hervey Bay RSL supporting the community.

WEARING a sports uniform can unite players visually, give a sense of pride in representing a club and make it easier to recognise which team athletes are playing for.

At the Hervey Bay Athletics Club, members are stepping out on the field looking their best in all new uniforms thanks to a $2000 Hervey Bay RSL Community Grant.

Uniform convenor Sharon Hay said donning the uniforms was great for members self-esteem and a feeling of inclusion.

“Having a uniform makes the kids feel like they belong,” Sharon said.

“The shirts give the members a sense of pride when they represent the club, not just locally but when they go to state events too.”

Sharon said the inclusive club welcomes all keen track and field athletes, of any age, with four categories to choose from including little athletics (for juniors) multi-class (for people with disabilities), opens and masters.

She said the club is a place where personal bests are celebrated, everyone gets to have a go and it also promotes good health and fitness.

Long jump, triple jump, high jump, discus, shot put and running, are some of the popular sports enjoyed by members.

“It’s a great place for kids to go and be involved in a sport rather than gaming or sitting in front of the TV.”

She said many members, including those with disabilities, go on further to represent their schools, the region and at state and national events.

Sharon’s son Jeremiah, 18, is a multi-class athlete who joined the club at a young age and went on to represent Hervey Bay at national titles.

“He feels like he really belongs to the club, and he’s just one of many stories.”

Member Vanessa Williams also started young and was so inspired by the sport that she is now giving back by coaching the under 10s.

Anyone who would like to get involved, can check out the club’s website at or find them on Facebook.

Hervey Bay Athletics Club receive a grant from the Hervey Bay RSL for new uniforms. Image courtesy of the Hervey Bay RSL.

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